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The #1 pill reminder app on Windows Phone. Never again forget to take your medications/pills on time with this simple, easy to use application. Manage you medications at a glance with a simple view of your medications and when you need to take them. You will be reminded to take your pills. Mark your medication as taken in the phone and it will recalculate the next time you need to take them and setup reminders.

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- Track any kind of medicine, vitamin, and supplement
- Setup reminders and/or alarms for medications
- 6 different schedule types (fixed, sliding, once/multiple time a day, at meals, as needed)
- Photo selection for medication
- Add notes
- Tracks history of times taken
- View your history from a list view or a calendar view
- Configure medication dosage and overdose amount
- Overdose and 'taken at future date' warnings
- Medication statistics and charts
- Medication refill tracking and reminders
- Track Doctors, Pharmacies & Prescription information
- Supports taking/tracking multiple medications at the same time
- Supports multiple people/users
- Email/SMS your data
- Supports marking inactive to hide medications temporarily
- Optional Password/PIN
- 6 theme backgrounds or use your own
- Data backup and restore (in case of broken or new phone)
- Automatic & Manual data backup
- Both light and dark themes supported

- Upgrading app to WP8.1

- Fixed a few bugs with schedules of Meals/Multiple time per day
- Fixed issue with marking med taken early to calculate correct next take date

- Fixed a bug displaying correct number of doses taken, when multiple doses are taken at the same time
- Added more medications to lookup/select
- Improved medication lookup

- Some optimizations for viewing multiple medications on calendar
- Fixed some issues "next time to take" calculations
- Fix a bug with the wrong schedule showing on the live tile for some meds with sliding schedule
- Add "show more common times" button to "Mark taken" page

- Add ability to customize color when viewing multiple medications on calendar

- Add support to concurrently view multiple medications on calendar

- Fixed a bug
- Increased number or future reminders/alarms to cover future 48 hours for some meds

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs
- Made some performance improvements

- Fixed a few bugs
- Improved app's ability to recover from errors
- Added ability to pick a specific backup to restore (from a users backup history), when taping the restore data button
- Made some performance improvements

- Fixed a few bugs

- Some performance improvements to reduce errors

- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed bug saving taken medications to correct person when multiple people are using app concurrently
- Better support for economy phones
- Better tile support
- Added toast messages for medication refills

- Fixed a bug loading data affecting users on Windows Phone OS version 8

- Fixed a bug

- Fixed a bugs reading images

- Fixed several bugs
- Some minor performance improvements

- Minor update

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Corrected the amount remaining doses to decrement based on quantity marked taken

(Windows phone 8.0)
- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Added live tile
- Added toast notifications for late medications
- Added fast-app-resume
- Added support for additional meal times or multiple-times-per-day
- Fix some alarm sounds playing
- Added 13 additional alarm sound options

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Minor med lookup enhancements
- Add arrow buttons to 'mark taken' page to more easily increase/decrease dosage at an increment amount configurable on the 'med edit' page's dosage settings tab

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Now defaulting correct person for multiple people when taping reminders when they come up
- Fixed reminders stopped working for some medication with sliding schedules when doses have been missed

- Fixed a few bugs
- Fixed bug in calculating next take date for some medications with schedule of daily (but not taken every day of week)
- Added additional validation to save medication
- Added 'Selected schedule' to schedule page on edit medication to help understand schedule configurations
- Fix bug updating the med lookup text after changing the medication's 'display name'
- Added tap-hold context menu to medications on main page to be able to edit medication, go to calendar, and go to graph
- Added pop-up medication info to 'mark refilled' page
- Changed default medication refill interval to 'every 30 days'
- Added 'next refill date' & 'refill schedule' to pop-up medication info on 'mark taken', 'record missed doses', and 'mark refilled' pages

- Fixed a few bugs

- UI improvements
- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed bug where some notes weren't showing in medication history
- Fixed bug where incorrect medications were listed on 'Edit person' page
- Fixed bug in calculating taken date for some new medications with schedule of daily and sliding
- Fixed bug in calculating correct time for 'next time you can take medication without overdosing'
- Fixed bug setting refill date on 'Mark refilled' page
- Fixed reverting meal schedules when hitting back button on med edit page
- Fixed displaying some dosages with out commas and rounding some decimal places
- Added warning to 'Mark refilled' page when out of refills
- Added additional validation to the edit medication page
- Added ability to mark medication taken at user's 'common custom times' as well as all times for 'Multiple times per day' and 'At meals' schedules
- Added 'missed doses' number to medication list next to last taken date
- Added 'missed doses' to medication info on 'Mark taken' for applicable medications
- Now showing 'Next non-overdose date' for 'as needed' medications in main medication list if taking the medication now will cause an overdose
- Added ability to 'mark taken' different dosage amounts for the same medication
- Added ability to record ('mark taken') missed doses in bulk on new 'record missed doses' page
- Added ability to 'skip' missed doses from new 'record missed doses' page
- Added support to show total dosage on medication graph page
- Added 'Refills remaining' to 'Mark refilled' page
- Changed refill reminders to go off 5 days before the refill date
- Increased trial time
- Added new medication/drug lookup with dosage selection
- Added dosage form & dosage route to medication edit page
- Added 'Display name', 'Brand name', & 'Generic name' to medication edit page
- Now grouping multiple medication reminders together into single reminders if they are for the same time
- Added user prompt to inactivate medications that have not been used recently
- Adjusted the display order or medications on the main page

- Fixed several bugs
- Improved performance
- UI improvements
- Added 'Gender' and 'Is pregnant' to 'Edit person' page
- Added optional 'Pregnancy category' to medication
- Added 'Doses remaining' to medication
- Fixed bug where deleting a medication refill, didn't increment the 'Remaining refills'
- Fixed bug where exporting medication history to SMS or email was incorrect text
- Updating friendly next take date on app resume
- Changed 'Save screenshot' of large medication graph to save image of entire range of dates scrollable

- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed bug that occurs when marking a new medication with schedule of 'multiple times per day' as taken 'on time'
- Fixed bug saving doctors and pharmacies without an address
- Updated UI on mark taken page when taping medication names (also now displaying Pharmacy, Doctor, Prescription number and medication schedule)
- Added ability to changes selected person from main screen
- Added 'Specialty' field to Doctor

- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed bug: when marking 'taken on time' for medication taken multiple times a day, the 'on time' date was incorrect
- Fixed bug with medication history with tracking more than 1 person's medications in the app
- Fixed 'overdose' warning to be more accurate
- Added ability to optionally not receive overdose warnings if taking the medication 30 min early or less (per medication)
- Added 'copy' to clipboard context menu on med history items
- Improved keyboards for several text inputs
- UI improvements
- Some small performance improvements

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Fix a bug with the the time showing up as '00:00' in Med history for some languages

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Added ability to record notes
- Fixed bug where decimal dosages were not showing correctly
- Updated 'Med history' to group medication by the date they were taken
- Now displaying notes and medication refills in 'Med history'
- Fixed bug with inaccurate next possible date without overdosing
- Added 'Mark refilled' page

- UI improvements
- Made tapping reminder navigate to 'Mark taken' page
- Improved overdose warning for 'daily' medications
- Added ability to see larger image by tapping thumbnail on people list page
- Changed to high-resolution app bar icons
- Added auto-complete to textbox of 'multiple times per day' and 'meal names'
- Added 'Last taken' to med info on 'Mark taken' page
- Fix bug when 'Marking pill taken' using 'on time' to be correct time
- Added additional content to help page

- UI improvements
- Added ability to see larger image by tapping thumbnail images
- Fixed bug with automatic backup of images

- Added new dosage type of 'Units'
- Added medication expiration date
- Added support for decimal dosage amounts
- Added ability to assign medications to doctors & pharmacies
- Added ability to show medication images on main page next to medications
- Now showing date ranges on charts
- Added options to auto-inactivate medication (after end date, expiration date, or after 60 days of inactivity)

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Added version history
- Default meal times if customized
- Improved startup performance for users with many reminders
- Fixed bug adding pharmacies and doctors
- Added new schedule of 'Multiple times per day'
- Added some additional info to help page

- Fixed a few bugs
- UI improvements
- Added 5 more alarm sounds to choose from
- Added medication list tab to 'edit medication', 'edit person', & 'edit pharmacy' pages
- Added 'directions' & 'call' button to 'edit medication' page
- Add ability to edit selected person by 'double tapping' on name or photo on main page
- Added auto complete for medication name

- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed bug with editing 'Take next on' with 'Daily' schedules
- Added dose types: 'Packet', 'Drop', 'Bottle', 'Cup'
- Added ability to delete individual times taken from history page
- Now showing dosage next to Med name on 'Mark taken' page
- Add ability to edit medications, pharmacies, doctors, & people by 'double tapping'
- UI improvements
- Improved performance
- Fixed some accuracy of the 'weekly' and 'last 5 day' graph

- Fixed several bugs
- Made a few UI improvements
- Made some performance improvements

- Fixed several bugs
- Made a few UI improvements
- Added new graph stats pages for medications

- Fixed several bugs
- Made some performance improvements
- Added ability to add Doctors, Pharmacies & Prescription information

- Fixed several bugs
- Made some performance improvements